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EMMIC LLC: An Introduction

EMMIC is an Educational Psychology firm that is designed to meet the needs of students and clients of all ages. In the merging of psychological and educational services, EMMIC aims to help create communities of emotionally, cognitively, and socially well-balanced individuals who are capable of dealing with life's challenges and thriving despite them. 


EMMIC's Vision

EMMIC’s vision is to bridge the gap between the educational and therapeutic fields by addressing the social, behavioral, and academic needs of learners beyond the traditional classroom. It is to create an avenue through which the entirety of a person’s growth can be met. 

EMMIC's Mission

EMMIC’s mission is to foster an environment where learners and clients of all backgrounds can grow in the classroom and beyond through differentiated instruction and therapeutic services. By focusing on the social, psychological, and academic needs of individuals, EMMIC aims to help learners and clients of all ages address their challenges and grow. 

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EMMIC's Goals

EMMIC’s essential goals are to:

  • Address the educational, psychological and organizational needs of our learners and clients,

  • Foster growth in clients and students,

  • Provide access to various services and information within the community, and

  • Address the educational gaps in learning for students with or without special needs

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